Enhance the appearance of your salon or spa with custom uniforms that allow your employees to look stylishly professional. For the beauty care and medi-spa sector, our healthcare expertise is balanced by current fashion knowledge to create or source comfortable, contemporary garments that your therapists and support staff will love to wear. You can expect a true point of difference with a bespoke uniform, as well as garments that continue to look great wash after wash.

Because we understand that who you are, how you look and what you wear everyday can be as important as the job itself, at Earth Uniforms we manufacture and design business uniforms that are tailored with a great fit and in low impact fabrics made to be versatile, practical, comfortable and earth-friendly. The expertise of our designers will ensure people look confident and feel comfortable in their brand-compliant work attire. If your company is adopting a standardised corporate uniform for the first time, we can help you to manage the transition and reap the branding benefits that come with a flattering, fashionable corporate wardrobe.

Work wear for medical, healthcare and dentistry professionals is our strength. We’re even developing our own anti-microbial fabrics – the Earth-garde range – in response to the specific needs of the health sector. Our people work closely with a range of healthcare clients – including South Africa’s largest DHBs – to develop or source medical and nursing uniforms. More specifically, we can supply healthcare tunics, pants, shirts, dresses, surgical scrubs, patient gowns, lab coats and every other type of garment worn in hospitals, clinics and laboratories. We also manufacture hospital linen branded with custom logos. Designs can be turned around in as little as 48 hours and samples supplied within a few days.

We manufacture and supply direct to preschools, primary, intermediate and secondary schools throughout South Africa. We also supply retail shops, depending on a school’s preferred method of selling their uniform. We supply predominantly locally made garments from our own factory in Johannesburg. We also have strong partnerships with reliable sources of offshore manufacture.We offer a design service that will enable a school to take a uniform idea through its development stage to sign-off and production. We have performed this process for many schools and we believe we have the right expertise to get the best outcome for any school uniform needs


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