Who We Are

Earth Uniforms is a premier clothing manufacturer and  branding factory based in Johannesburg. Earth Uniforms is all about providing world class branding solutions through tshirts,  coordinated apparel with energy, ideas, variety and styles to suit multiple business or team applications.

From humble beginnings Earth Uniforms was founded in 2014 as a uniforms brand under Corporate Vine.  After a decade of experience in the branding fraternity, the Earth Uniforms concept was inspired from identifying a wide space in the uniforms branding industry and going at it in a very specific way. 

in 2018, after only 3 years, clothing manufacturing had become a very large part of Corporate Vine’s total sales. As such, we continued to widen our selection with trendy, refined, custom uniforms and tshirt designs.  In June 2018, Earth Uniforms was launched at Markex at the Sandton Convention Centre. 

2018 marked a huge milestone for Earth Uniforms.  Earth Uniforms became that next BIG Step for Corporate Vine specialising in uniforms manufacturing and branding. The company hit the groud running supplying over 1.5milion tshirts for elections campaigns between June 2018 and December 2018.  Earth Uniforms also took over the iconic Tupperware building in Skyway Business Park.

Earth Uniforms is a culmination of years of hard work and we trust that the collection and level of excellence in our garments, products and branding pays attention to the seamless style and quality for which is true to our Corporate Vine heritage.

How We Work?


Earth Uniforms has established a solid reputation across Africa as a leading t-shirt supplier for high turnover events such as election campaigns and product launches.  We have invested in a number of factories in China and across the globe to produce our hand-selected range of promo T-shirts. These alliances enable us to have control over the production process and ensure that we have deep stock levels.  The exceptional standard of our Promo T-shirts is absolutely guaranteed and suitable for our screen printing and high heat curing processes.  Our t-shirt stock levels are unparalleled and our industry leading Lead-Times are nothing short of lightning!


For every Earth Uniforms product, there is a most effective, reliable and most affordable branding solution IN-HOUSE.

After only 4 years, clothing manufacturing is now a large part of our total sales and as such we continue to widen our selection with trendy, refined, cutting edge timeless custom designs.
We are continually increasing our in-house uniform manufacturing capacity and by June 2018, we could manufacture (Cut-Make-Trim) up to 8000 t-shirts a week. Through a wide stream of events companies, ad agencies, promotional companies and other design houses, going in 2019, we continue to define ourselves by what we love :- FORWARD THINKING BRANDS!


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